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Expert Advice: Easy Ways to Save Energy This Fall

October 3, 2019

Fall is here! Homeowners in Massachusetts know that chillier temperatures mean more than just changing leaves. Fall is the time to start preparing for the coming winter. Take a tip from your local heating fuel and HVAC professionals and use these simple energy-saving tips to keep heating bills low. Lower Your Heating Bills & Home […]


Why Trust a Full-Service Oil Delivery & HVAC Provider?

September 12, 2019

If you’ve ever dealt with a discount heating oil provider in Greater Holliston, Massachusetts, you know the lack of service and expertise is not worth the pennies and nickels you’ll save on fuel. Wouldn’t you rather deal with a team of experts who are ready and willing to show up at your home if your […]


Summer Essentials: Ways to Save Energy and Money

August 8, 2019

Summer is in full swing! Are you looking for ways to make the most out of your home comfort budget? Find out ways you can reduce your energy use during the warmer months, which in turn will reduce your household energy costs. It’s a win-win! Energy-Saving Tips for Summer with Long-Term Benefits There are several […]


Your Heating Oil Is More Environmentally Friendly Than Ever

July 19, 2019

Did you know? Home heating oil in Massachusetts has become cleaner and greener than ever before. Thanks to recent advancements, homeowners that use oil heat to stay warm in Massachusetts can rest easy knowing that the fuel they use is better for the planet, better for their equipment, and better for their wallets! Eco-Friendly Advancements […]


Why to Use an Oil Pricing Program in Massachusetts

June 17, 2019

As a resident of Massachusetts, you know how brutally cold the winter gets. Why risk fuel oil price spikes during the winter months, rather than spacing out payments or locking in a low price? Our various pricing programs allow you to customize your home heating bills to fit your preference and needs. Check out our […]


4 Reasons for a Massachusetts Furnace or Boiler Upgrade

May 20, 2019

Winters in MA do a number on our heating systems! If your furnace or boiler’s low efficiency level is costing you too much in oil or repairs, consider a high-efficiency upgrade with Holliston Oil. We’ve compiled several more reasons why a furnace or boiler upgrade could help you—check them out below: 1. Save money on […]


How You Can Tell It’s Time to Replace Your Heating System

April 9, 2019

After another cold winter in Massachusetts, there’s no doubt that your heating system worked hard all season to keep your home safe and warm. Did it perform as well as it has in the past? Use this quick checklist to evaluate your heating system’s performance. It may be time to invest in a new high-efficiency […]


Spring Energy Savings Solutions for MA

March 21, 2019

March is the time of year in which we transition from winter to spring. After a frigid start to 2019, residents in the MetroWest community are looking forward to warmer weather. Make this season count by reducing your energy bills, and spring into savings with Holliston Oil! Replace Lights with Fluorescent Bulbs According to, […]


Bioheat — The Next Big Thing in the Oil Heat Industry

February 5, 2019

Oil heat is evolving! Holliston Oil and several other fuel delivery and  HVAC service companies in Massachusetts have transitioned to the use of Bioheat: an efficient blend that combines ultra-low sulfur (ULS) heating oil with biodiesel, which is made with renewable resources like recycled corn and soybean oils. You’ll be pleased to learn all the […]


When Should I Order Heating Oil?

January 24, 2019

It’s a common question! Are you familiar with your Massachusetts oil tank gauge? Anyone can learn to read a tank gauge, and being comfortable reading the equipment could save your home and family from a no-heat emergency. Holliston will show you how easy the process of checking your oil level really is. The Process Reading […]