A Worthwhile Winter Investment

August 19, 2016

While we’re all enjoying the final weeks of summer, our attention will soon turn to cooler temperatures as we make the switch from cooling season to heating season. Before you rely on your oil heating system daily, it’s a good idea to evaluate its condition after several months of inactivity to ensure proper operation.

Whether your heating system is brand new or 10 years old, it’s important to have a licensed technician come to your home annually for routine system maintenance. Luckily, annual maintenance is just part of the benefits of a heating system maintenance package. These cost-effective plans are designed to keep your equipment in top shape all year long—both prior-to and throughout the heating season. Here’s how…

Benefits of a Heating System Maintenance Package

  • System Efficiency: Having an annual heating system tune-up ensures that your system will run efficiently and effectively through the peak winter months, providing warmth and comfort in your home during the coldest days of the year.
  • Save Money: Not only will an efficiently running system save you money on your energy bills, but maintenance packages also provide discounts on parts, labor, services, and more should your system require maintenance at any time during the year. Those savings can add up fast!
  • Safety: While oil heat equipment is incredibly safe, like any home appliance, it should always be properly maintained to keep it functioning correctly. Annual maintenance will help ensure that your system operates smoothly, and should an unexpected issue arise, your plan offers services to keep the heat on and your family safe when temperatures drop.
  • Protect Your Investment: Heating systems are expensive pieces of equipment. Investing in an affordable maintenance package and taking advantage of its annual maintenance and service options will help maximize the lifespan of your equipment, saving you money down the road.

Peace of Mind

At Holliston Oil, we’re pleased to offer our customers various maintenance package options to keep your oil heating system running and help defray the costs of any needed services that should arise. Our heating maintenance packages include:

  • Annual Heating System Tune-Up & Efficiency Test
  • Oil Tank Peace of Mind Coverage
  • Discount on Service Repairs
  • Priority Service & Scheduling
  • Discounted 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • New Heating System Installation Discount


Learn more about our maintenance packages and enroll today to enjoy peace of mind all winter long!