How New Heating Equipment Can Help You Save Money

September 27, 2016

Each fall when the temperatures drop and you turn on your heating system for the first time, you’re reminded of previous heating seasons—how much fuel it takes to warm your home, what your average oil bill is, and how many times you’ve needed service for your heating equipment.

This year, instead of lowering your thermostat to uncomfortable temperatures for months at a time, save money by investing in new equipment.

That’s right: upgrading your oil-fired heating equipment can significantly lower  your heating bills for this winter and many more to come. Find out why below!

Higher Efficiency

New oil heating equipment operates as much as 30% more efficient than the older model you may have in your home. Today’s energy-efficient systems are designed to deliver maximum comfort while using less fuel.

Fewer Service Calls

When your heating system is brand new, you won’t only notice a difference in comfort; you can also worry less about the chance of an unexpected service call. Your new boiler or furnace will be ready to operate at its absolute best, saving you the cost and hassle of maintenance calls throughout the winter months.

No Need for Parts Replacements

At the time of your last tune-up or service call, did a technician suggest you update or replace a component or two of your heating system? For older systems, it’s more likely each year that you will need a part or several replaced—whether for safety or improved efficiency. On the other hand, having a new system with all of its never-been-used parts will prevent you from unplanned (or even emergency!) repairs.

Rebate Programs

You may be surprised how many statewide, nationwide, and dealer-specific rebate and financing programs are available for homeowners with new, high-efficiency energy systems. Programs like Mass Save® make it easier than ever to pay less for energy-efficient heating equipment. Check out our website, to research the rebate options available.

Looking to upgrade your oil heat equipment to a more efficient system before the winter begins? Interested in seeing savings immediately after your installation? Contact us to research the rebate and financing options available!