4 Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your Heating System

November 18, 2019

Snow has begun to fall in Greater Holliston, Massachusetts, and that means cold snaps and winter storms aren’t far away. Now your family will rely on your home heating system to provide your home with affordable warmth and safety for the next few months—is it up to the challenge? If you are between annual tune-ups from your favorite local Massachusetts HVAC expert, keep an eye on your boiler or furnace for these tell-tale signs that it is time for an upgrade.

When You Need to Upgrade Your Furnace or Boiler in MA

1. Expensive Energy and Fuel Bills

Over time, your heating oil expenses will go up—not because price per gallon has increased, but because your heating system will burn fuel less efficiently. This will result in an increased heating fuel cost for the same satisfying and reliable heat you’re used to.

2. Uneven Home Heating

If your MA furnace or boiler isn’t providing the same even heat you’re used to having in your home, chances are its heating capabilities are starting to decline. Retire your equipment and replace it with a new high-efficiency home heating system to save money on fuel oil bills for years to come.

3. Foreign Sounds or Scents

While it’s normal for your heating system to make some sounds when you first turn it on, unusual banging, clunking, and whistling is out of the ordinary. Contact your local HVAC specialists for assistance if you notice strange smells or sounds coming out of your furnace or boiler this year.

4. Frequent Need of Repairs

Just like an old car has a higher chance of breaking down, your heating system works the same way. As it ages, parts wear down and begin to break. If you’ve noticed that your heating system is costing you an arm and a leg to repair each year, a one-time investment in a new home heating system may be well worth your while. Plus, newer models have increased efficiency, saving you even more on oil bills. Check out the Mass Save rebates available for high-efficiency furnaces and boilers while funds last!

Contact Us for a High-Efficiency Heating Upgrade Today

Think back to the last few weeks of home heating. Does your current boiler or furnace exhibit any or all of the symptoms we listed above? Contact Holliston Oil to get a free estimate on a new high-efficiency furnace or boiler before the winter chill sets in for good.