How to Spend Less on Massachusetts Home Comfort This Season

March 13, 2020

We’ve had another long winter, but it’s finally starting to warm up. As the time comes for the spring season, the experts at Holliston Oil in Massachusetts have gathered some energy-saving tips to help you save more on home comfort this year. Want more money-saving tips? Like our Facebook page to stay up to date on all the latest happenings here at Holliston Oil!


Switch to a Low-Flow Showerhead

Cut your water usage in half with a low-flow showerhead. And while you’re at it, turn on the bathroom fan while you shower to pull excess heat and humidity out of your home, maintaining the safety and healthiness of a well-regulated home.


Book a Furnace or Boiler Tune-Up

Whether you have a furnace or boiler, spring is the time to schedule its annual service. Just one tune-up a year can prevent costly issues, increase efficiency, and help you save on your fuel oil bills. Your home heating equipment worked hard all winter long to keep you warm—protect it and extend its lifespan with an annual preventative maintenance inspection.


Use the Sun to Your Advantage

If the weather is chilly, open up the curtains and soak up the sunshine. If it’s starting to get hot, close the blinds to keep the sun out. Sun can significantly adjust the temperature of your home for free, so make sure you’re aware and strategic about opening up window treatments.


Order Home Heating Oil

Ordering a final spring heating oil fill will protect your tank from condensation. You see, when the weather starts to warm up, condensation can collect in your fill and vent pipes and seep into your oil tank, causing internal rusting and corrosion. While this damage is irreversible, the good news is you can protect your tank by ordering fuel oil over the spring and summer.


Home Comfort Tips


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