Why to Use an Oil Pricing Program in Massachusetts

June 17, 2019

As a resident of Massachusetts, you know how brutally cold the winter gets. Why risk fuel oil price spikes during the winter months, rather than spacing out payments or locking in a low price? Our various pricing programs allow you to customize your home heating bills to fit your preference and needs. Check out our pricing program offers below.


Pricing Program Options

Our Pricing Program Options

Fixed Rate or Cap Rate

This 10-month plan allows you to set a fixed rate for your heating oil OR put a cap on the amount you’d pay. A fixed rate will guarantee you the price you want, while a cap rate will benefit you if oil prices change during the heating season. You’ll never pay above your capped price, and pay less if marketing prices drop.

Pre-Buy Payment

If you buy your oil all at once, you’ll get a discount on every gallon. This program can also be applied to either a fixed or cap rate, depending on your comfort, preference, and budget.

Market Price Budget

This 10-month budget plan will give you low, predictable oil prices at the Holliston Oil daily market rate. Contact us to enroll and skip the stress of winter heating bill costs.

Pay Per Delivery

Lock in a fixed or cap rate and we’ll send an invoice after each delivery. Plain and simple.

Contact Us to Enroll in an Oil Pricing Program

The prices of heating oil are volatile; that’s the nature of the market. While nobody can predict exact prices, there are ways for you to make the most out of your home heating budget. For example, you can tune-up your heating equipment each year to keep oil efficiency high and repair need low. You can also turn down your heat a degree or two during the winter to save the same percent on your annual fuel bill. But by far, the easiest way to save is by signing up for a pricing program, which will allow you to personalize your fuel payments. Contact our experts today to enroll in the program of your choice.