Winter Safety Tips for MA Residents: Help Us Help You

January 9, 2020

If you live in Holliston, MA or the surrounding towns, then you’re prepared for a snowy winter. It’s important to stay safe and comfortable throughout the season despite the wintry weather. Holliston Oil is here to present you with safety precautions and steps you can take to keep your property secure year-round. For even more tips, check out the latest news from Holliston Oil!

Winter Safety Tips for MetroWest Homeowners

1. Know How to Read Your Fuel Oil Storage Tank Gauge

We want you to be as prepared as possible with these winter safety tips. Looking at your heating oil tank gauge regularly allows you to stay ahead of weather patterns. Always ensure you have enough fuel for your home or business with a proper tank gauge read.

2. Protect Home Heating Equipment

Home heating equipment such as furnaces and boilers should be taken care of properly to ensure it runs safely for your home and family through the winter. Sign up for our oil heat maintenance package to live worry free this season and ensure your equipment is in the best possible shape all year long.

3. Keep Driveway and Walkways Clear of Ice and Snow

Make sure to regularly plow your driveway and shovel any necessary walkways to your oil tank so that your fuel oil driver can deliver your heating oil safely and on schedule. It’s important that your heating oil provider can safely access your home and heating oil tank.

4. Clear Outdoor Tanks and Fill Pipes of Debris

Whether you have an outdoor or indoor oil tank, keep an eye on it during the winter. Winds and heavy snowfall are common occurrences for MA homeowners and can cause ice, snow, and branches to fall onto your tank or fill pipe. Be sure to keep your equipment clear of debris.

5. Sign up for Automatic Oil Delivery

Running out of heating oil isn’t only inconvenient, it can also be dangerous this time of year. Reduce your risk of an empty tank and no-heat emergency by signing up for automatic heating oil delivery.

Have more questions regarding winter safety tips? Check out our blog or contact Holliston Oil today to learn more! Our heating professionals are here to help you 24/7. Have a safe and happy New Year!