Programs & Offers

Take advantage of today's low prices and secure a low rate for 2018-2019 heating season.

Open-Enrollment will begin on 6/25/2018.

During this winter we witnessed a dramatic price increase.

Prices are now higher than last year, however we have recently seen a slight correction.

Holliston Oil is offering several options

Option 1 - 10-month Budget - Fixed Rate or Cap Rate

Option 2 - Pre buy - receive a lower rate if you pay for your annual heating oil in advance. A pre-buy agreement can be for a Fixed or Cap Rate

Option 3 - Market price budget. 10-month payment and your deliveries will be made at the Holliston Oil Daily Market rate.

Option 4 - Pay Per Delivery. Lock in a Fixed or Cap Rate and we will invoice you after each delivery.

Remember, with the CAP program you will always have the lowest rate.

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The open enrollment period has been extended to September 15th